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Meet Jessica Scheller, Board President for Women's March Chicago

November is coming...

Jessica Scheller leads the voices firing up Chicago voters to March to the Polls at the Grant Park rally on October 13, 2018. Center on Halsted continues to prioritize gender equity and has joined Women’s March Chicago (WMC) to engage new voters. Jessica shares her story with us.

What drives you to do what you do as Board President for Women’s March Chicago?

“I am driven to build the future for our youth. It is important to WMC that we stand our ground, actively progress, and do all that we can to advance a vision for the future that includes true equality for everyone.” Jessica reflects upon the numerous times she has witnessed the relevant impact of WMC. “As an organization, we are profoundly moved by the engagement of young people in collective action. We are proud to have assisted the youth leading the March for Our Lives, and also to lead the marshalling for the Families Belong Together event. The significant requests for our advice and logistical support exemplifies the growing impact of our outreach.”

How does your work define you personally?

“On a personal level, I truly believe that Illinois ratified the ERA this year because so many people have demonstrated in the streets, signed postcards, called their representatives, or prepared witness slips. WMC participated in the ERA coalition and is incredibly proud of this achievement. We do not take individual credit for this achievement, but believe it is one of many bolstered by our efforts.”

How can Chicago’s LGBTQ community join the efforts of WMC on a daily basis?

“I think the most important thing that we can do as citizens is to become educated voters and encourage others to do the same. Help us to amplify this message and our efforts as a community. A key component of the March to the Polls rally at Grant Park is to recruit 2018+ first time voters and provide community support as they March to the Polls. We welcome youth leadership and would love to have the LGBTQ community join us as we march to the polls together on October 13. Every day, reach out to someone who may be a first time voter and bring them with you to Grant Park.”

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